Detox and Treatment for Multiple Addictions

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Doug* is Rebecca’s stepfather. He has been apart of her life for over 15 years. Doug in his own words always treated Rebecca* like his own daughter. He always wanted to help her or be there for her. She has always been a drinker according to him. According to Doug, Rebecca has estranged herself from the family. She’s always kept herself a minimum of arms length if not more from the family. They often go years without speaking to one another. This last bout lasted about 8ish years. When Rebecca moved to Victoria, she drank heavily. She’s been in and out of bad relationships and Doug thinks her most recent relationship got her hooked on cocaine and, maybe, methamphetamines. She’s left Victoria and believed to floating around in Surrey. Doug and Rebecca’s mother live in Aldergrove. They know that a public treatment program is likely not going to meet Rebecca’s needs. Doug wants to be ready with resources if she contacts them, so he contacted us to get information for programs that will be able to help her deal with a strong dependence of alcohol and new addiction to substances. Here’s what we offered him: DETOX UNITS This is the closest medically serviced withdrawal unit to you. They will see Rebecca through her withdrawals should if she chooses a treatment program not including detox. Creekside Withdrawal Management Centre 13740 94 A Avenue, Surrey, BC V3V 1N1 Phone: (604) 587-3755 ext.1 (adults) Phone: (604) 587-3755 ext.2 (youth) A 30-bed detox unit located on the grounds of Surrey Memorial Hospital. Creekside has 24 adult and 6 youth beds. PRIVATE, REPUTABLE TREATMENT PROGRAMS NON 12 STEP PROGRAM Life Science Addiction Treatment Center 114 Rue Kimpton, Rigaud, QC J0P 1P0 Contact Person: Marjorie Clark (Clinical director) Phone: (450) 451-9995 Fax: (450) 451-9995 Website: E-Mail: This is a fee-for-service co-ed treatment program for adults 18+. There are 30, 60, 90 day primary treatment programs with a 10 day maintenance program. They charge $8,000 for 30 days (extensions up to 90 days can happen). They use evidence and best practices model. They want to work with the client and design a treatment program that works best for them. They will help with implementing proper coping strategies in regards to stress. Treatment takes place in a home like environment in a rural area of Quebec. It is an English speaking program. If necessary you will be seen by a psychiatrist for mental health assessment and treatment, as well as an addiction medicine doctor. This program is good for people who need significant and behavioural therapies. However, this program will require that Vanessa be sober prior to admission, as they do not have detox on site. TRADITIONAL 12 STEP PROGRAMS with a HOLISTIC MODEL Orchard Recovery Center 811 Grafton Road Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G2 Contact Person: Joanna Journet Phone: (604) 947-0420 Toll-free: 1(866) 233-2299 Note: a private co-ed residential treatment center. Orchard charges $14,000+tax for their 28-day program. The director at this centre has been there for a long time which is a good indication that this program is going to offer you what is on the website. They are an established well respected treatment program. There is a supervised detox on site and they will see her though her withdrawals. They have programs that range up to 90 days. Leipzig Serenity Retreat Box 535, Wilkie, SK S0K 4W0 Contact: Ardyth or Jacqueline Phone: (306) 658-4767 E-Mail: Website: A private co-ed residential treatment facility based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. A no frills 12-step program with lots of counselling in...

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