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An article published in early June reflected findings from a CARBC study that Canadians lowball the amount of alcohol they consume by up to 75%. According to CARBC Director, Tim Stockwell, accurate data on alcohol consumption is needed in order to accurately assess disease and injury cause by the substance. Clearly, then, correct statistics are necessary for effective public policy on societal alcohol use. How does this new knowledge impact our impressions on the new changes to BC liquor laws? The recommended changes to BC’s liquor policies...

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Detox and Treatment for Multiple Addictions

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Doug* is Rebecca’s stepfather. He has been apart of her life for over 15 years. Doug in his own words always treated Rebecca* like his own daughter. He always wanted to help her or be there for her. She has always been a drinker according to him. According to Doug, Rebecca has estranged herself from the family. She’s always kept herself a minimum of arms length if not more from the family. They often go years without speaking to one another. This last bout lasted about 8ish years. When Rebecca moved to Victoria, she drank heavily....

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The Struggle with Enforcing Addiction Treatment

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Kristina lives in Surrey, BC and called us looking for a residential program to satisfy school requirements to show she is not an alcoholic. However, Kristina did not want to go to treatment and was only doing this for external reasons (e.g. the school told her to). She said she didn’t really have money to pay for treatment and that she didn’t want to go onto welfare to have the government pay for it fully. She’s been trying to do it herself for 6 weeks, but doesn’t have much longer to get into a treatment program before she...

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Sober Living Programs in Vancouver, BC

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Luke has been struggling with substance dependence off and on. He is currently sober and living in a Salvation Army shelter in Langley, BC. He no longer wants to be there anymore because he said he’s ready to try to move forward with his life. He contacted us for help getting into both treatment and sober living. Our first suggestion was a program for men in Abbotsford called Kinghaven Treatment Centre, which has three options for treatment: a 70-day primary program, 90+ sober support recovery, and sober/staged living. We also suggested the...

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Alcohol Treatment near Vancouver, BC

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Mitch called us looking for private treatment programs that will help him give up alcohol completely. Here are some options we thought would work best for him: 12 STEP PROGRAMS with a HOLISTIC MODEL Orchard Recovery and Treatment Center Bowen Island, BC (off coast of Vancouver) $14,000+tax for 28-day program. An established, well-respected treatment program. Medical professionals on-site. Programs range up to 90 days. The receptionists are great to talk to and find out basic details. You can make contact by using either of the two telephone...

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Methadone Withdrawal Units in BC

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For someone living with chronic pain there is nothing worse than finding out your have now become completely dependent on your opiate-based prescriptions. Your body has become tolerant to the drugs and you find yourself constantly increasing your medication just keep your pain tolerable or your withdrawal symptoms away. Your doctor who is supposed to be monitoring you just keeps writing you the scripts for more, stronger drugs rather than suggesting it’s time to wean you off these medications and send you to holistic or non-narcotic pain...

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Treatment for Opiate Addiction and Methadone Maintenance

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25-year-old BC resident, Sean, is struggling to find public residential treatment for his addiction to opiates and dependency on methadone. We provided Sean with the resources to go to his local assessment office after he had called the three residential treatment programs most effective for him (see below) since there are no public adult treatment units offered by the Northern Health Authority (NHA). Because of where he lives, Sean will likely get referred to another health authority or province for treatment. Sean doesn’t want to be...

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My Doctor is Moving. What can I do?

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My family doctor in Coquitlam BC is retiring at the end of June. I have a lot of health issues and pain issues and my doctor has had me on something called Seupedol for about 10 years (triplicate) as I cannot take any sort of Aspirin-type products due to stomach and bleeding problems. It’s a real dilemma. I don’t know what to do as I know walk-ins will not give any sort of triplicates. I need to be helped into the right direction. - Carmen, BC Lower Mainland Hi Carmen, I suggest you contact doctor to find out more about the...

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Sex Addiction Treatment Options in Northern BC

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Len is a 60-year-old male living in Northern BC and looking for a counsellor who can help him resolve his chronic masturbation, intimacy issues, and a childhood trauma and abuse. We sent Len links to the local public mental health and addiction office, counsellors in Kelowna, counsellors in other provinces who offer counselling via phone or Skype, and a link to all the sexual addiction treatment resources in Canada. Williams Lake (For adults with addiction or concurrent mental health/addiction issues) Williams Lake Mental Health &...

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30-Year-Old Male with Cocaine Addiction

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Aaron*, 30-year-old male from Cloverdale BC, contacted us looking for a residential treatment program in the Okanagan to treat his cocaine addiction. After speaking to Aaron for a little longer on the phone, we learned he’s also on disability. He also desired to move away from the lower mainland and, thus, was interested in knowing his options outside of the GVRD. We talked about the various public programs and what health authorities want from you when seeking treatment. We also focused on FVHA and IHA treatment programs at his...

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